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Home Assistant Nginx proxy server

I run Home Assistant instance at home and I wanna be able to control it by NFC tags. That is quite easy task as long as HA has API and NFC Tasks app exists. The real problem is that the app doesn't support custom headers in HTTP requests and since HA REST API uses header Authorization to authorize requests whole setup won't work.

That's when Nginx proxy comes to help. Setting forward proxy that just hands over all incoming requests and is able to modify them (like to add the desired header) is a perfect soultion and quite simple one. Nginx config is all what's needed:

server {
    listen 80;


    location / {

        proxy_set_header Authorization "Bearer MY_SECRET_TOKEN";
        proxy_pass http://o2.home:8123$request_uri;
  • resolver points to my local DNS server - required
  • proxy_set_header sets Authorization header for each request where the secret token is a long lived token
  • proxy_pass redirects all requests to my local HA instance (the server domain name is resolved thru resolver)

Now all requests made to the proxy will be authorized in HA.